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I am Hajime SUZUKI, a musician of KOTO and SHAMISEN. Koto is Japanese traditional stringed instruments that have over thousand years history, while Shamisen is a three-stringed musical instrument.
I currently live in Maebashi city in Gunma prefecture, which is in the northwestern part of the Kanto area ( Tokyo) and it takes about an hour by train from Tokyo.
The contents offered by Hajime.

1.Performance of Koto and Shamisen

I will play in various settings as you like. (theme, location, season and so on.)


2.Trial Koto lesson

Anyone interested in playing Japanese instruments (Koto and Shamisen) is welcomed. Please just visit and have a trial lesson.


3. Japanese traditional culture program

With several local groups who are engaged in Japanese culture such as tea ceremony and Japanese dancing, Incense ceremony, drawing faces on Daruma and so on.  I will offer various corroborative programs as well. You will have truly enjoyable time with us!


For more information, please contact me by email.


I am a musician of Japanese instruments (Koto and Shamisen) and a certificated expert of Koto (from Ikuta-school) Ikuta school is one of the main schools of Koto. I was born in Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture add have my school here. I started playing Koto when I was 10 years old and had a certification when I was 15 years old. Since then, I have enjoyned performing Koto and shamisen. While I offer Koto performance with various tunes from latest ones to traditional ones, I provide people with a lot of opportunities to learn about Japanese culture through various events and workshops. By doing so, I hope many people enjoy playing these instruments and listening to music and try to pass this culture to the generations.

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